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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 13, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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bee products for september to combat climate change and save the earth. guess what? this is coming to your country with the green new deal. no burgers, no combustion engine oil, no planes, no cows. good luck with that. let not your heart be troubled, if this doesn't have enough on this network we have waters world, we have "the five" and now, how are you, sir? i missed the five so i'm just making up for it? >> sean: wait a minute, you missed the five? >> they were delays. i don't have a jet like you, sean. >> sean: work a little harder. >> okay comeau one day -- >> have a great show. >> i'm jesse watters in for laura ingle and from new york city to make him breaking new details this hour in the death of millionaire jeffrey epstein and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here on that plus
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the democrats new impeachment. "the new york times" addresses bowing to the media mob overhead line praising president trump and is still apologizing for telling the truth. candace owens is here to respond to the race and despite the booming economy, joe biden just pledged to eliminate all of president donald trump's tax cuts. why that little fact fire back. cnn chris cuomo tirade on camera and why everybody needs to turn down the heat. but first, fox news alert, there are several big new developments in the investigation into the mysterious death of jeffrey epstein. today, attorney general bill barr making personnel changes at the new york city prison where the accused child predator currently, as we are
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learning, there were screens for many hours before epstein was found dead in his cell, fox news chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher in the west coast newsroom with the late-breaking details, trace. >> jesse, fox news can confirm the warden of the metropolitan correctional center has been temporarily reassigned in the wake of jeffrey epstein's death. the two guards on duty at the time placed on administrative leave. it is notable one of those guards reportedly was not even officially a guard but rather a couple of domestic corrections employee filling a void. cbs reporting the morning epstein there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell and that correctional employees tried to revive him breathe, epstein, breathe. in almost 40 minutes before abc news reported epstein's death, someone posted the unverified details on four chan, the anonymous and controversial online message board. the new york fire department looked into whether an employee
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might have posted about the death of fort chan but it did not come from fdny. meantime james b stewart said jeffrey epstein told him he had dirt on silicon valley elite saying he had seen prominent figures in the tech world doing drugs and arranging for and they had missed it in regular users of recreational drugs, but he goes on to say that epstein never named names and the fbi has rated epstein's compound in the virgin islands seizing at least three computers. the raid was apparently part of attorney general bill barr that coconspirator should not rest easy. and epstein's death is raising new scrutiny on prince andrew, a woman who accused epstein of sexual assault claims he paid her to have with the prince. buckingham palace denies that allegation. >> jesse: trace, thank you. here to respond is rudy
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giuliani, president trump's personal attorney and former new york city mayor. it may or have you ever been to this facility? >> i watched it being built. >> jesse: really how did this happen? i was an assistant u.s. attorney when he built it and occupied the building next to it. it is connected to the u.s. attorney's office. so when we moved, i watched it being built and when i was there, i had the ncc, and have been in it 20 times as a prosecutor. >> jesse: i wish someone thought they were looking out the window when this was going on. >> don't know what they are -- i know the floor they are talking about. i don't like conspiracy theories. i don't think we should engage yet because we need to know the facts. the whole thing is completely incredible to me. and i just spent the night having dinner with two correctional officials who know and cannot figure out how this could have possibly happen. how you could let a guy most
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high risk prisoner in the facility who could be killed for several reasons. he could kill himself. >> jesse: rate. >> the prisoners could kill them because i don't like. alleged and they don't like people who would cooperate. finally, there could be people from the outside who would reach the people on the inside to kill him. so you have three reasons why this guy should be protected. he is virtually unprotected. >> jesse: so the irregularities fueling the conspiracy theory because now there is a report -- >> it is true. >> jesse: right, was a report that the records are being fudged. >> but do you suspect there could have been foul play? >> if i were investigating i would have to indulge all those theories. i would have to say he committed suicide. or they were negligent or they were complacent or prisoners came in and killed them and they didn't really care whether that
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happened. so i don't know which of those four possibilities exist. i have tremendous confidence in attorney general barr come with the facility was not something he would have been able to manage in the short time he's been there. and i remember that facility has been one of the most secure facilities in america. i put mafia cooperating, sicilian mafia cooperating terrorist in there and never had a problem because it was a well managed. what happened to him, i do not understand. i will give you an example. you put him in a place with a bunk bed. so why can't you do with a bunk bed? you can take a sheet on the higher bunk and hang yourself. he should be in a facility with a flatbed. >> jesse: right. >> you can easily hang yourself. 1 of 10 things they didn't do. they didn't check the camera. apparently, they were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes
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which is kind of ridiculous, not every 30 minutes, but even that they didn't do. so i am, completely perplexed as to what happened. >> jesse: okay, let's move on. we have the mooch. i don't know what happened to the mooch. i love the mooch too. but i don't know what's going on here. >> going off of the reservation. [laughter] >> jesse: going off of the reservation and we can react to that. >> i think you have to consider the change at the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this. he has a way to his personality. so the minute you say something he doesn't like, he figures that he can intimidate you like a bully. there is a pernicious evil and trying to divide the country. >> jesse: so he's not getting an invite to the white house this year christmas party at the white house. >> i don't think so. that is the worst thing you can do. i don't know what happened to him, but he knows president trump personally. and i know him personally for 30
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years. >> jesse: right. >> one of the things that pains me is what he has characterized. he is a very nice man. and i brought five people out to see him on friday at a fund-raiser. he was so nice to me. they are all trump supporter's. they walked away and said, he's really very nice. >> jesse: that's what everybody says. >> they really support him. why do they think he's nice? look what he said on television. he's not like that. mooch knows that. i don't know what he is doing. >> jesse: so much hair spray. may be raising money for the private equity? getting a little trump haters, i don't know. >> jesse: it could be a p.r. move but we don't know. speaking of someone who needs a p.r. move, joe biden apparently is as eventful as robert mueller these days and he didn't remember that he was any fun vice president during the shooting. watch as we talk about them.
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[laughter] >> i watched what happen when the kids marched up to him. i met with him and he went up in the hill. they went up into the hill. all those congressmen were like no, not here, not here. don't tell him i'm around. they are afraid of me. they should be exposed! they went okay, joe is not bp during the park when shooting. not a good week for joe. i mean come i think he confused where the two mass shootings were. and theresa may with margaret thatcher and then he said poor kids -- >> very hard for the big media, the ones who love democrats to give up on joe because they think he has a great white hope. and they think he can beat trump. it is quite obvious that joe has always dealt with intellectual disability, like he's not smart. so they don't want to -- this is a guy that plagiarized in
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high school. plagiarized as a senator. because he can't really think for himself. obama never should have chosen him as vice president because he doesn't have the natural capacity to be vice president. now, obviously, and i say this kindly because obviously cognitive impairment. >> jesse: a cognitive impairment. >> how do you confuse being and for about 3 minutes, being with the parkland survivors and you confuse them with sandy hook? when do you think it is a memory issue? or do you think something else is going on? >> i've been watching him the last three or four months. something is wrong. >> jesse: because it goes to the biggest constituencies, age and many people's opinion and confidence. >> agents relevant right, so bernie sanders come i don't agree with bernie sanders. bernie sanders is sharp a as a tech. >> jesse: high-energy. >> i came home from washington a couple of weeks ago.
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henry is 90 something. henry is still as smart as he was 30 years ago. so it's not age, but some people get, 77, something is going on but finally here is what i'm really worried about joe. joe's family for the last 40 years has made millions and millions of dollars. over joe's public service. including his son who pulled down millions from ukraine and billions from china. and the media will not cover it. they were something wrong there. if joe didn't know that, he's either delusional or he's lying. you can't have a son who took down a billion dollar investment from china when you were negotiating with china and you didn't know about it. particularly a son you are concerned about as he got thrown out of the military for failing a cocaine test.
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>> jesse: i don't know what is worse, not knowing what is going on around you and knowing and not doing anything about it. >> my take on joe has always been, not very smart, nice guy and now i have a third one. he may not be totally straight. the family made too much money and that offends me. >> jesse: cricket joe? >> i don't know. either crooked joe or joe didn't know. >> the brother made millions come with the sun made millions and they were trading under public office. >> there it is. you know, beating the drum for impeachment for i think sense the president was inaugurated. he has come out with this new take on impeachment that involves election strategy. listen to this. >> if he has not defeated in the senate, he will still run as an impeached president and there will be a good many people who won't want to hold fund-raisers with him. a good many people who won't want to be in his company because a good many of these
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wealthy people who are benefiting from his bigotry. >> jesse: so this is an about checks and balances. this is an about misdemeanors. this is about branding the president, driving his numbers down and intimidating donors and voters into supporting him. >> well, i think that these democrats were doing this, i think they need therapy. >> jesse: trump derangement kicking and? >> now is a kind of mental illness. a lot of psychiatrist in new york, more psychiatrist any place else. i would suggest they go to the psychiatrist, get help. he's been clear three times. he's my client. as if i have a client cleared three times. once is usually enough. twice as ridiculous, three times? he didn't collude with the russians. he didn't obstruct justice. get over it. so go after him on immigration. go on -- after him on taxes, ths
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ridiculous. and it's only because immediately so set against him that they even tolerate this. >> jesse: well, they know what's going nowhere in the senate. they know the majority of the american people don't support impeachment. so they just want to hurt him in the house so people think, oh, wow, who are paying attention this guy was impeached. maybe i shouldn't throw him a fund-raiser. >> politically, i believe it will backfire. >> jesse: why is that? >> i think the american people have had enough of it. after the mueller performance a couple of weeks ago. the clearing of him on both collusion and then mueller had to come out and say basically, he couldn't find obstruction after kind of, he lied or whatever, he came out and corrected it and never found obstruction. what are they doing? and then he was cleared earlier in the seven-month counterintelligence probe of collusion. so i think the american people
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have had enough of it. politically, it will help the president if they continue impeachment. i think nancy pelosi will lose the 40 seeds in the republican districts where her people one. she knows that. that is why she who retains a certain amount of adult maturity understands. but i'm not sure she can control jerry nadler. jerry wants to be on daytime television with his makeup on. but i actually think -- >> jesse: we don't have any makeup. >> it's going to go nowhere. >> jesse: nancy is only one that doesn't have trump derangement? >> i think nancy is a practical politician. whatever you think of her and i don't agree with her political that she is a smart politician. she knows this is a losing strategy. she is trying hard to take the crazies down. and i think it will work eventually. i don't think we have to worry about it. >> jesse: be five says
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nancy pelosi is the voice of reason and the democratic party. >> i never thought i would say that. i campaigned against her so often. but she is a practical person. >> jesse: that is right. >> if you're not. you are terrific, by the way. [laughter] >> jesse: thank you very much. up next to the left through into a rage over president trump's new immigration policy, but there is an inconvenient truth they are not telling you. that is next saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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♪ >> jesse: the radical left is losing it over president trump's new immigration role to make it easier to keep out immigrants who could drain the welfare system. >> trump is shutting the door on hundreds of thousands of immigrants. >> we want to reshape the demographics of the united states of america and this is how they will do it. >> the president hates all immigrants except his mother and father-in-law and his wife apparently. if this is the kind of failure the president is promoting. >> jesse: is an inconvenient inconvenient truth, trumps new rule, it is already written into law. section 202 immigration and nationality act, and in the office, likely any time come with charge, inhabits a bowl.
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here to debate, acting director, hernandez, and the attorney. i mean, if the congress doesn't like the law, that is their job. and so it was already there and draining the welfare of this country. why all of a sudden, -- >> wait a minute coming you were talking about, now we are shifting the debate from the wall or illegal immigration. are we waving the white flag? couldn't we passed a law -- >> jesse: no, we are giving the americans -- that is the flag we are waiting. listen, >> >> listen, part of
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america is you want to make something, not take something. >> but you just brought up is about legal immigrants, not illegal immigrants and not about immigration reform and not about the wall. go to -- when did the debate changed? what happened? >> jesse: we were able to have a comprehensive debate. we can move from the law to other areas. now, isn't it true -- we can walk and chew gum at the same time. isn't it true if you are in this country, under federal law and say you are on medication or receiving food stamps. >> fair. >> jesse: that should not all of a sudden bump you to the
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front of the line if you are applying to become a legal citizen. >> but you are talking about people who are already here illegal. francisco, i'm asking ronald. francisco, you had your shot. i'm asking ronald. >> because you don't want to hear the truth. >> with my early days of immigration law classes, this precept and the law says people who have come to the country or people who are here in the country that want to adjust their status have to prove to the government they are worthy of that status. if they are sick or commit crimes or in society, that is a way for them to be kept out of the country were not advanced and their immigration status. >> jesse: francisco, what do you say to that? >> that is for legal immigration. what are we going to do about it, it president trump told you want this camera, he will build a wall. jesse: francisco please
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stick to the topic. please stick to the topic. address the issue. if you are here in this country and a noncitizen. you have a visa but applying to become a noncitizen entering the u.s. resources. you are on medicaid, food stamps, not working, you think these people should just be allowed to have citizenship under those circumstances? >> no, but they are already here illegally. but that is the point, if they are noncitizens and they are in this country, a green card, the fisa, student visa or something like that and implying -- a point to become u.s. citizens but they are not working. they are on medicaid and they are on food stamps and watching tv all day. probably not fox. do you think they should be able to go to the front of the line and say, yeah, let's bring her in. >> that is not it. when you apply to become a citizen you have to answer questions have you taken any public benefits and you say no. that has been the law for years.
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the question is we are diverting from illegal immigration and the law. why have we not built the wall -- >> jesse: actually 14 miles of the wall has been constructed to. >> 14 miles out of 3,000 miles? >> jesse: the supreme court and president trump with a ruling allowing to take funds from the military and use it to undertake wall construction. obviously, the wall is being built. and that is one tool in the toolbox. in my right? >> that was his main tool, that was it. >> jesse: francisco, this is not a one on one. there is another guest here. let the other guests talk. >> i apologize. >> the president did a number of things the first five days in office. he issued a number of executive orders that directed to see border patrol to start planning for the wall. many of those miles have been replaced and built. he also did other things to improve the system for immigration.
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and integrity of the system. this rule, the issuance of this rule is part of that process. it's working -- >> 14 miles? >> the border itself and what happens in the interior including which has been on the book for almost a century as it relates to the people coming to the country and the status in the country. >> jesse: francisco what do you say about the latest attack on the ice facility and's in san antonio, shots fired in an ice facility? the fourth attack on an ice facility in the last month or so? where is that coming from, do you think? >> that is not the subject, but you know what -- >> know it's under immigration. >> i get if they are good friends, good souls but most are using money out of their own pockets to get these kids booked for school. you know what, let's put it to where it belongs. president trump president trump swore he would solve the issue his first term. has he solved it, is he salting
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it? he had congress but where are we? is he waving the red flag to beat up on illegal immigrants? >> jesse: it is the american flag, okay on those colors don't run. if this is the fourth attack on an ice facility, in the last month, do you consider this a dangerous trend because i do. and you hear all the stuff about trump's rhetoric and about immigrants causes violence, but you never hear anything about the democrats rhetoric about ice facilities causing violence. i wonder what that is. >> this is no good and they should not happen. i'm grateful no one was hurt in this incident. and i also want to praise the local authorities in san antonio who quickly cut the suspect. we know ice will use the resources available to help prosecute this person to the full extent of the law. >> jesse: and aoc has still not apologized or changed her rhetoric about the detention facilities and concentration camps. this is another attack on
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another facility. i'm not blaming her, i'm not blaming her but i'm reading from one of the statements from the -- >> she's a freshman. >> jesse: from the i.c.e. detention facility and he's saying he's blaming, not fully, but he's blaming the incomplete false and empty -- deployment tory rhetoric from the media outlets and political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians recklessly disseminates the american people regarding the mission only to serve and further encourage these violent acts. so i think both sides need to knock it off because this is getting very, very dangerous and i think we can all agree. >> that is silly, that is silly. >> jesse: it is not silly to protect federal employees. >> these people should not be blamed for the laws on the book. no statements like they do. >> jesse: most of these guys working in the facilities are hispanic and you know that
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francisco. all right, thank you guys. >> that has nothing to do with it. >> jesse: up next, unmask the anti-trump bigotry at "the new york times" after the paper changed its accurate headline about the president to one that appeased leftist twitter mob. >>
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♪ now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside, so destructive and find the courage to answer hatred with unity, devotion and love. our future is in our control. >> jesse: remember when "the new york times" wrote a fair and accurate headline about trumps call for unity but then replaced it with disparaging one to appease the twitter mob in democrats? well, apparently it was not enough for the liberal outlet.
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according to reports, there is a plan for how the lady can prove trump is a racist. not only did he call slightly pro trump headline a mess but emphasize rather than simply labeling the president or other leaders racist or using euphemisms like racially charged, the paper should demonstrate instances of racism through concrete examples. here to respond candace owens the black movement the founder of the black movement and attorney strategist, candace, it looks to me like the times cannot report on what trump says. they half to say what they believe he means deep down in his heart. and that is really not their role except maybe on the opinion page. >> welcome i mean that is what we are talking about. these are not journalist. when i both know these are activists. this is a major win what is
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happening in the board rooms is a major win for president trump. he said the mainstream media is lying, left is lined with the rhetoric in this country. i think by and large he has proven theft. when they start reprimanding people on the staff are telling the truth, there is nothing left in the arsenal. i think this will turn and it will help conservatives in 2020. we will see more and more people feeling different about the left and realizing that they are, they are inspiring hate and rhetoric in this country and they will do nothing -- stop at nothing to destroy president trump. >> jesse: what do you think the most racist thing that donald trump has ever said or done? what is the number one thing in your mind? can you give me the one big example of racism? no, there are too many. >> jesse: give me the number one cup think that the president has said or done. >> i actually can't hear you all
7:33 pm
that well, but i think u.s. me to scale them. >> jesse: no, the number one big kahuna. >> probably sang the 44th president of the united states wasn't born in america as a way to delegitimize his candidacy, his election and to delegitimize the will of the people and to, instead, says that american-born president was born somewhere else. but when we are talking about -- >> jesse: so the conspiracy theory that hillary's campaign started. that is the thing you think the most racist thing h he said? >> as much as i wish there was, the only person who actually needs to be held responsible for what he says right now is the president of the united states. and this president over and over again says things that i am certain you wouldn't say, jesse. there are things i've never
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heard candace say, but she insists on -- >> jesse: let me ask you a question because we had numbers and we found out that trumps approval among hispanic-americans since i think january 1st is up five points. and trumps approval among african-americans is up eight points since the beginning of the year. after the huge onslaught that this guy is a racist, this guy hates immigrants, his approval numbers among these groups, blacks and hispanics, is up. candace, why do you think that is? i know what that is and i don't have to think about it. because minorities are growing sick of the rhetoric on the left. and every four years being told, oh, my gosh racism is back white supremacy is back. the communities are not getting better. this is the first time we see black americans and hysteric americans get off their feet and the media with rhetoric to distract us in pulling apart sound bites of things that trump
7:35 pm
said trying to create something he never meant is not going to work this time. i have long called for a black exit from the democratic party, and i have seen latinos wake up in minority groups like chinese americans wake up and jewish americans wake up. we are done with the left. we want policy, not rhetoric. >> jesse: monique, have you ever met president trump? that is unnatural and interesting take. i want to respond to what candace said. it is not factual. the numbers for hispanic and blacks who actually approve of trump were so low they really couldn't go any lower so the fact that they have improved isn't really saying much. second, we know from actual data from actual polling, the reasoning behind the increase has nothing whatsoever to do with people being tired of some leftist rhetoric. everyone is sick of trump's rhetoric. it is the fact that the job numbers, the employment numbers continue to increase, something that started under the prior
7:36 pm
president. and thankfully -- >> jesse: candace, i was going to ask monique if she ever meant -- met president trump. >> i did answer that question. >> i have met him. >> jesse: you have met him many times and you are an african-american woman and you work with him, socialize with him. you probably have much more experience personally with the president of the united states. if he was a racist, would you be associating yourself with him as a black american? >> absolutely not and i would not have brought 400 americans three times to the white house to meet with him. here is the truth the president gets in front of a group of black americans they were converted to trump supporter immediately immediately. he is very likable, self-deprecating and he doesn't care what the media sang about him. i appreciate you trying to make him something he's not but it will not work. i have 2016 deja vu all over again and people are pretending it's not happening over the black americans increasing support because of this or that but no, his policies work.
7:37 pm
at the end of the day, having jobs, is what will matter. i support this president and monique, you should too. >> all i have to do is read and write. but i just got it. >> jesse: think you guys very much, actually i did. next i will take you to the iowa state fair for the 2020 democratic fanatics for votes and ascension. well the lines from the new radical left when we come back. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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>> i don't know who is going to win but we will have to hit pocahontas really hard if she does when met. but she is staging a little bit of a comeback. pocahontas and sleepy joe. [laughter] >> jesse: president trump keeping 2020 and focus while visiting a national gas plant in pennsylvania today. meanwhile, out in iowa, presidential hopefuls making their way through the iconic state fair and trying to make a name for themselves. fox is kristin fisher's life in des moines, iowa at the iowa state fair with more, kristin. >> hey, jesse mayor pete buttigieg was the soap box today and shortly before he stepped up on the famed soapbox of that i was state fair he rolled out what he called his world economic plan and it includes a $50 billion investment over the next ten years, which would go into agricultural, research and
7:41 pm
development. to quote, empower farmers to climate change. but many of the farmers in iowa and at the iowa state fair or worried democratic proposals like the green new deal could really hurt their livelihood appeared so i asked may repeat how that was playing with the voters that he met with here at the iowa state fear. this is what he said. there is a way to make sure this is a win for rule areas. i believe in soil management and a lot of things we can do where we enlist rule america as part of the solution. >> so as mayor pete helped put the fair favorite pork on a stick, one of the opponents grilled in new hampshire about what he thinks about eating meat given the negative impact that factory farming can have on the environment. >> it would not be honest with you if i didn't tell you that i'm a meat eater. although i am trying to eat a little bit better than i have in the past. >> pretty much every candidate
7:42 pm
that has come to the iowa state fair except vegan cory booker has eaten meat when they have been here. before we go, i want to show you the latest of the corn kernel, something that everybody who comes here has to partake in. and here is what we have so far. biden and the lead with 23%, buttigieg 17%, harris -- i'm sorry worn 17%, sanders 8% and interesting because warren and second place yesterday but after buttigieg appearance on the soapbox today, he is in second place. and a run on the republican side, president trump 97%. in his only challenger way down at 3%. democrats, republicans tied 50/50 and i spoke to a person who told me that democrats are ahead by just 35 kernels. but we still have a few days to go before the final results are in. jesse, this is all very
7:43 pm
unofficial polling, but still kind of interesting to see what voters at the iowa state fair thinks. >> jesse: i think mayor pete when he wore that apron, that is what bumped him up to second place. [laughter] are right thanks, kristin my appreciate it. also in iowa, joe biden making a big pledge saying he will get rid of a few or may be some or maybe even all of president trump's tax cuts for the middle class. >> naming just a few tax cuts come i will eliminate most of them but a few of the tax cuts, no, you think i'm joking but i'm not. >> jesse: to sum up that word jumble, former mvp wants to raise taxes on the middle class. joining me now is pam bond april former florida ag and scott levinson democratic strategist. scott, i mean running for president on raising taxes for the middle class, political suicide. >> i think it is interesting coming out of iowa how much the
7:44 pm
democrats agree with each other. they agree on a ban on assault weapons and agree on immigration and constant -- comprehensive health care. >> jesse: so they should all agree they will go down in flames. because none of those things are popular. raising taxes on the middle class. in getting rid of -- >> give me a republican who defends and have ar-15s. >> jesse: if you come to people's door and start compensating rifles like joe biden said. >> think about it. >> jesse: they are asking for trouble and they know it and the rest of the country knows it. that will not all of the gun violence in this country. pam, i want to talk about joe biden. listen, i'm not "the new york post" but i'm jesse watters. if joe biden is running on raising middle-class taxes, that means for the average family in pennsylvania, a very key state, they will have to pay an extra
7:45 pm
thousand dollars a year under president joe. do you think that will help win the the rust belt? in iowa i think they would have to pay $1400 more. what about that tax credit for children that the president doubled? they would do away with that under joe biden's plan. so i don't think he will fare very well there with his plan to do away with all of president trump's great tax credits. you know, and iowa come we have farmers. these are farmers, corn, milk, everything in the democrats they will not win there. they are not going to win especially joe biden with the things he wants to do. and by the way, 79% of the farmers support president trump. >> jesse: let me ask you about biden. let me answer -- s this strong question. if biden is a strong front runner, why can't he put away any of these people? >> i didn't suggest he was a strong front runner. >> jesse: so he's a weak front
7:46 pm
runner? but they agree awful a lot with a ban on assault weapons. >> jesse: why can't biden put away anyone? >> why -- [inaudible mick] >> jesse: don't you think this guy had a shot against the president and the general election match up he would be able to clear the field like donald trump did? donald trump smoked these guys. and it looks like all the other guys pulls members are coming up. and so the entire republican machine and still slang them. but biden can't put out buttigieg. he can't put out warren. >> you are denying reality. it took him a long time to clear the field. it will take the eventual nominee a long time. that is appropriate. >> jesse: let's go do something else. beto, the chronicle newspaper told him to drop out. beto -- >> wisely. >> jesse: he didn't show up,
7:47 pm
total hologram. and now he's resorting to stunts that will go viral on social media. here he is changing a tire. can we look at this? >> well, i'm changing a tire on a truck. >> jesse: it is sad, pam. i feel like he's like, you know, aaa. >> jessica made his qualifying him to be president of the united states of america that he can change a tire, really? this guy has had two arrests in his past. he's doing anything he can to keep his name out there and try to be relevant and probably in the next couple of days when he still left in the race. he lost 2018 senate bid. i just don't know what else he can do. i can't wait to see what his stunt is tomorrow. probably 0% right now.
7:48 pm
>> jesse: "us weekly," you know that tabloid magazines when the celebrities, just like they pump they are gas. they go grocery shopping, but he's not a star. >> interestingly enough he did have one of his best moments after el paso where he talked about peer of the other end and how bad it is in the country. the president is creating an atmosphere that causes these relationships. >> jesse: i think president trump won the iowa state fair when he landed the hall look -- helicopter, walked out with a $5,000 suit and started giving kids rights and by helicopter. that is a stunned. >> if he does not have a ban on assault weapons he's not winning. >> jesse: coming up chris cuomo caught on camera after confronted by a heckler. raymond arroyo is next on the viral video and a call for calm. r car rental, and getting her car towed.
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>> jesse: it is the viral video everybody is talking about. cnn anchor chris cuomo is confronted on the street and loses his cool. >> felipe, why would you consult me like that? i told you leave, do you like that? >> i didn't call you that. you called me fredo and you know my name is not fredo. he did not think my name was
7:52 pm
fredo, don't be lying. [bleep], [bleep]. [bleep], you called me fredo. >> jesse: joining me now former italian raymond arroyo fox news contributor. all right, raiment you and i agree that we don't want people coming up to someone especially when they are with their family on the street having fun and calling them names and getting in their phase. that kind of mob mentality, we don't condone that. but just the hypocrisy because cuomo and cnn, they supported the maxine waters call to arms to get in your face. they supported this antifa nonsense that you see in the street spirits as a matter of fact chris cuomo said that covington boy while the adult ms face, he didn't walk away and handle himself correctly so come on. >> lowe, jesse, when i saw
7:53 pm
people coming out and supporting chris cuomo, his network embracing him come i thought, good on them. but where were they when sarah huckabee sanders was thrown out of that restaurant with her entire family and when your previous guests pam bondi was taunted out of a movie theater with her boyfriend. ted cruz and his wife ran out of a restaurant in washington. those were deserve it attacks apparently. and cnn contributor said at the time when sarah sanders was thrown out, there is a cost to pay for the decisions you make in life. don lemon, ted cruz said sometimes the only agency that you have is to get in someone's face. well, i think you and i would disagree with that. public people are entitled to private lives especially when they have family and whites and children around. that was horrible what happened, but i don't know why chris responded this way. something set him off. >> jesse: listen, i have not handled myself well in certain public situations i have kind of
7:54 pm
been confronted. it happens, you grow from it, you learn from it, you know, you will never do this again. he took the bait and responded. you know, the other day, i was at a lounge at delta sky situation trying to take off for a flight with my family and the actors high level above or whatever his name is, they look like him. i walked by and he called me trash. right in front of my kids. and i didn't say anything, i didn't lose it. but these things happen. i think everybody just leave the children alone on the streets. you can tweet at them, but don't get in their face like that. >> you should have called him indiana jones jr. and that would have shut him down immediately. >> jesse: you are italian fredo but is that enough nick slur? >> actually is or would be calling him don corleone, the mob connection but fredo, here is my other question. how do you get people to think you are not fredo by acting like
7:55 pm
michael corleone? i will throw you down the stairs. i will run your this or break that. but america -- imagine sarah hook beat told the owner of the red hen i will break his head off if you don't get underneath the table. that would have been front page news for days and people would have said look at the aggressive, horrible woman from the trump administration. we can have double standards jesse. we are one american family in america. who we work for, no matter who we support politically, we are one family. as michael corleone tells fredo don't ever let me take you taking sides against the family. you have to remember that. >> jesse: 's no, it's not a slur because chris cuomo himself used it, roll the tape. >> he did. >> i dubbed it -- that there is a group of people of politicos that always hand that they might run but don't plunge all the way.
7:56 pm
they are members of cuomo. >> so who am i, fredo? >> yes, exactly. >> jesse: we have a bunch of other tapes they say fredo on cnn constantly, you know. >> cuomo no stroh sounds like an italian slur to me making the connection. he should have taken that but not fredo. >> jesse: all right all right, listen if you see me on the street don't chirp at me. i'm not even going to try to beat you up. i'm walking the other way. we have love for everybody on fox, even the cnn people. raymond, thank you very much. >> love it. >> jesse: we will be right back. ♪ with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters in for laura ingraham and i will be back tomorrow night. but if you want to see more of me, some of you might not want to but i will tell you anyway.
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watch "the five" every monday through friday 5:00 p.m. eastern. and waters world saturday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. that is all the time we have for tonight, shannon bream and "fox news @ night" take it from here. >> laura: can the world have enough jesse watters? that is the question, jesse, thank you. >> jesse: good luck. >> shannon: we start with fox news alert, the protesters in hong kong continue clashes with police and bled the images fled social media and china warns the u.s. again to out of the escalating tension. but there are growing bipartisan call for america to do more. so should we? in the investigation into sex offender jeffrey epstein's death is heating up. the guard for the new york prison placed on leave and the warden reassigned as investigators are zeroing in on the


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